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Whatsapp Beta Updater is an Android application that lets you download Whatsapp updates to get new versions before they're officially released on the developer's site.

The versions that are released on Google Play are usually older than those released on the site, so the only way to get the most recently added features is to get the beta version. This application will notify you of release dates for new changes and also check which version you have installed on your device. This way, you'll know what version you currently have, and you'll receive notifications in the notification bar when a new version becomes available.

Even if the version you have installed on your device isn't the most recent, you can download it with one tap from this application. Just wait until the installation is complete. If you don't want to constantly check the application to see if any changes have been made, you can select an option so the application will automatically notify you if a new version is released.
By Raúl Rosso
How to update the WhatsApp beta before everybody else

WhatsApp’s update rhythm has two levels: on one hand there are the updates that come out on Google Play, and on the other the new versions of the beta that are posted a week beforehand on its official website. Now a developer has discovered in the latest beta update (2.12.416) that WhatsApp is about to be associated with Facebook to share data and verify the sending of messages via the new end-to-end encryption system. It was precisely this developer who created an app to automatically notify you when a new official version appears on WhatsApp’s beta channel.
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